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Happy Canada Day! This post has nothing to do with Canada's birthday unless you count the lumber jack in the picture as a reference to those pioneering foresters who helped build our country. A while ago podcasting buddy Marina and I were out for a bite to eat and I spotted this display in the liquor store window next to the restaurant.

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It's been a long time since I've watched a parade. A bunch of friends, under the banner of Vancouver Science Fiction Fans, donned costumes and entered this year's North Vancouver Canada Day parade. There's a lot of common membership among the different groups, so coming together for something like this is a natural. I believe it's the 3rd year the groups have done it. Since I wasn't motivated enough to make a costume of my own I thought it was past time to show up and cheer them on.

Yesterday morning I had a particularly bad case of post waking cognitive latency, which was partially cured when I opened my living room curtains and saw this: In a classic race between the tortoise and the snail, two thoughts exploded off the starter blocks of my mind like a word spoken through a long yawn: 1) Crime scene investigation, wonder what happened? 2) Something isn't right here?

Have you seen any of the latest crop of 3D movies, yet? So far I've seen Coraline and Up (Dale's Up review) and my opinion is: 3D is one "D" too many. I don't have great stereo vision. Wish I did, I don't. The IMAX 3D movies I've watched have worked ok for me, particularly if something is "drastically" 3D.

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Do you have an old computer or monitor you want to get rid of, but not in a dumpster? Putting it in your back alley and hoping someone picks it up is an option, but chances it will get stripped for metal and dumped. If you're in Vancouver there's a better answer: Free Geek!

Ok, I've already been in trouble for not posting about BookCamp Vancouver, I'm not going to compound the trouble by not passing along this announcement that registration is open! Mark your calendars for October 16th: BookCamp Vancouver is a user-generated unconference that brings print publishers, educators, community builders and the tech community together – for free! BookCamp Vancouver is an opportunity to explore the present and future of books and book-like technologies. It’s open to anyone interested in the publishing industry and the potential dynamics of the reader/creator/publisher relationship.

Is this not an awesome postcard? Thank you Kimli, may your scooter eat Kawasaki Ninjas alive! How did Kimli come to send me a missive from the future, you ask? This: Lead to this: let me love you I have a significant number of interesting and dazzling things meant to be sent through the mail. Conveniently, people like getting mail – especially when it is fun mail. Why don’t we put the two together and see what happens?

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I've often complained, and even blogged, that the movie going experience in Vancouver is unenlightened. Which is to say though the movies may be enjoyable the theatre going experience can be bland. Happily, there are some exceptions. The Vancouver Sun and Park Theatre run the Sunday Film Series. These events are at the unusual time of 10am and the ticket price includes a bagel or muffin with coffee or tea. There's also a guest speaker.

Walking at night in a totally dark city park isn't usually a comfortable experience, unless it's John Hendry Park (Trout Lake @ Victoria Drive) during Illuminares. The Illuminares Lantern Procession by the Public Dreams Society is one of the coolest events in metro Vancouver (there's many pictures on Flickr that prove the point: Flickr Search: Illuminares). Not only is there a procession of creativity, imagination and ingenuity in the form of amazing glowing objects there's dancers, swords fighters, wish fairies, stilt walkers, and other manner performers.

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