Awesome Prize Bag Belated Thank You

Is there an expiry date on saying thank you? I hope not. Back in August, local blogger Kimli of delicious juice dot com ran a contest, and I won!

Personally delivered to my door was the following surprise pack of awesome and silly.

Prize Bag Contents

The Japanese candy things were addictive and disappeared almost immediately! Remember back when I noted Maleficent was at the pub and unhappy? Now we know the full story:

Homer Vs. Maleficent

And D0G is indeed my copilot:

D0G is my co-pilot

Voltron is still awaiting a suitable framing opportunity; I don't want to poke holes into it. Somehow the sparklers didn't get used at Halloween. Oh wait, zombies don't use sparklers, but that's a different story. I'm sure a suitable sparkler-friendly event will arrive shortly, or maybe I'll make one up.

And for an added bonus, Kimli gave me the lowdown on Darth Lola. After seeing a Vespa up close I can appreciate the appeal, they're kinda cute.

Many thanks, Kimli! Your prize pack still has me smiling three months later.

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