Plans, Power, and BC Hydro's Full Court Press

BC Hydro Working What would you do if you didn't have any power? This is not an academic question for me as I sit here typing this. 5 days ago I received a letter from BC Hydro informing me I wouldn't have any power from 9am to 5pm on Sunday December 6th. Not a lot of warning considering how long they must have been planning this; I feel sorry for anyone who was planning a Christmas open house for today.

Except for the morning, my Sunday plans already involved being out of the apartment. I'm meeting friends for Dim Sum, hopefully finding a way to enjoy the nice weather, and going to a Christmas open house. So aside from getting up earlier than I'd like on a Sunday to grab a morning shower and taking the precaution of moving some fridge contents to a friends place, the power outage shouldn't hit me too bad.

The pre-Dim Sum morning plan was taking the laptop to a local cafe and killing some time, maybe even productively. My choice was a local cafe with nice owners . . . in the same block as me (which is to say, the block scheduled to lose power). Hey, they're in a commercial building, I thought if they choose to open they must be on a different power feed. Nope. Sometime after finishing my muffin and before finishing my coffee the power went off and I had to leave. I blame my poor choice on minimal sleep and no coffee. I'm not sure what's up with owners that open in spite of being informed of a power outage.

So I'm back in my apartment now. It's such a nice day that I wouldn't have the lights on anyways, and I'll be gone before it gets cold. If I could only borrow some WIFI from neighbours across the street, I could post this before I leave rather than tonight when the power is back on (I hope I didn't just jinx it!).

Meanwhile, in my back alley BC Hydro has a full court press in play. There are 3 bucket trucks and 3 cranes replacing transformers. Here's some pictures of the action I snapped going to and from the cafe. Click on the picture for a larger version.

BC Hydro Working BC Hydro Working BC Hydro Working BC Hydro Working BC Hydro Working BC Hydro Working BC Hydro Working BC Hydro Working BC Hydro Working


Got back around 7:45pm and was greeted by a very seasonal sign the power was back:

Apartment Christmas Lights

According to the analog electric clock on the stove, power was off for 4 hours and change.

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