This Pedometer was Made for Walking

Pedometer and ShoeThe human brain really sucks at measuring things without some sort of device. Unless you're Rain Man or practice, you're probably you're probably not going to be accurate, especially measuring over time. A simple test. How much money have you spent this week? How many cups of coffee, juice, tea, water or pop have you drank today? How many times have you used the washroom? How many steps have you walked?

That last question is the subject of this post.

When I started working from home the amount of "background" walking I did in a day plummeted. The commute from the bedroom to the desk just doesn't compare with walking to work, to the bus, or walking to and from the parking lot. Knowing my steps decreased I was curious to find out just how much walking I did in a day, so I bought a pedometer.

The results were beyond surprising. On the days when I'm apartment bound and not getting out for a walk I'm lucky if I walk 1000 steps.

The pedometer has been a great way to explore my walking habit. I'm not worried about mileage or calorie count, I find the step count at the of the day or activity the interesting part. It's also a great reminder of how inactive I am when things get busy, and a way of categorizing some activities. For example, on a recent trip to Portland my friends and I were mostly just walking around checking out the city. One day I knew we'd walked a lot, over 20,000 steps it turns out, but I was surprised to see how much walking we were doing on the other days, averaging 10,000 - 15,000 steps a day.

Hills are the one place where the numbers can lie. I live towards the top of a significant hill on Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver. Walking to the bottom of Lonsdale and back is only 5000-6000 steps. 6000 steps on the flat is easy. The relatively small portion of those steps coming up Lonsdale, not so much. At least, not until you're conditioned.

If all this has you interested in a pedometer, I recommend going for it! The one I bought is under $15. You don't need anything fancy, all it has to do is count steps. Unfortunately, it's hard finding one that's small. It took me a long time to find the type I did, the majority seem to be these huge, ungainly things that feel awkward to wear and get hooked on things as you walk by. The style I like nicely clips to the inside of my pocket.

Pedometer closed Pedometer open Pedometer in pocket

Checking my pedometer I see I've walked a mere 223 steps today. There's definitely a walk in my future. But not a long one. Yesterday I walked around downtown and Stanley Park for a count of 22,000 steps and change. My legs aren't exactly sore, but they have that "used" feeling. Sometimes you don't need a pedometer to know you've done a lot of walking.

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