Grilled Fromage

Grilled FromageI love cheese, and I know I'm not alone. My favourite is a really strong cheddar, with some of the Italian cheeses like asiago and parmigiano reggiano a close second. When I heard about a restaurant that served grilled cheese sandwiches, and only grilled cheese sandwiches, I knew I'd have to try it one day. Today was that day!

Grilled Fromage in Squamish bills itself as the cheesiest place on earth. If their menu of 59 different grilled cheese sandwiches with punny titles like Fromage a Trois, Cheese and Chong, and Long John Stilton (and one grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich called the Elvis) doesn't synch the title, the decor will. On the wall along with their menu you'll find record covers from 70's classics like Saturday Night Fever, Air Supply, Pat Benatar, and The Captain & Tennille. In the back they have their cheesy VIP TV room, and there's even some vintage video games. But enough about the "cheese", let's talk about the cheese.

I went there for the food and was not disappointed. Actually, four of us went there for the food and were not disappointed. Among us we ordered the Bonnie and Clyde: blue cheese, sliced pear, and walnuts on multi-grain; the Zombie: cheddar and cranberries served on sour dough; the Vand Ham: cheddar, ham, roast beef, swiss, and chicken served on multi-grain; and the Fromage a Trois: cheddar, mozza, and swiss served on multi-grain. The sandwiches are served with cheezies (what else) and you can optionally get a side of soup of the day, beans, coleslaw, or salad. Everyone enjoyed their food.

Seating is find your own and you order your food from the cashier. We got there when it was busy, and they were calling out orders for pickup. With a bull horn. I kid you not. By the time we decided and ordered the lunch rush was over and the owner, himself, brought the food out to us.

There are no vegan options but the menu offers many vegetarian and pescetarian choices (perhaps someone should introduce them to Daiya products). They even have the Lactoseless in Seattle sandwich with lactose free cheese. And if you can't find something you like on the menu you can custom order your sandwich. If you fancy a beer with your grilled cheese they're licensed.

If the food and atmosphere aren't enough Grilled Fromage also has event nights. According to the take away menu I grabbed: Wednesdays are dinner and a movie, Thursdays are tournament nights, and Saturdays are live music nights. Fridays they have reservation only fondue parties. There's also starving student hump day with sandwiches half price 3pm - 5pm on Wednesdays for students, and Thursdays are free bacon days.

I wish I had a Grilled Fromage in my neighbourhood.

Grilled Fromage

38134 Cleveland Ave
Squamish, BC

Phone: 604-567-2900
Twitter: @GrilledFromage

Here's some pictures I took to capture the moment. Click to get a larger image.


kc wrote 11 years 14 weeks ago

this is, like, the best blog

this is, like, the best blog post EVER, Dale.

~karen cheesie

dale wrote 11 years 14 weeks ago

I'm very happy

I'm very happy everyone was cool with checking them out!

Amanda wrote 11 years 14 weeks ago


All the good stuff is in Canada. I don't even live close enough to cross the border and visit. It looks awesome!!

dale wrote 11 years 14 weeks ago

Grass is greener!?

Amanda, up here my friends and I are a bit jealous of you lucky folks south of us! There's some great eats we'd like to transport up north.

Marina wrote 11 years 14 weeks ago

I say...


dale wrote 11 years 14 weeks ago

Squamish ~= Richmond but prettier!

Drive time from North Vancouver to Squamish is about the same as driving to Richmond, but more scenic! Won't take much to convince me to go. :-)

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