Pacific Rim Kite Festival

Pterodactyl KiteThrough a fortunate chain of events I heard about this weekend's Pacific Rim Kite Festival at Vanier Park in Vancouver. If kite flying brings to mind diamond shaped objects sedately hanging in the air you need to check one of these out. The creative spirit is alive and well in kite technology, and there are precision acrobatic kites you have to see to believe. I especially love watching the acrobatic kites perform. My Saturday morning was actually free so I checked out the festival with some friends.

The variety and colour of the kites made for great eye candy. Some of the kites were quite creative, like the pterodactyl kite. As I'd hoped, there was a precision kite flying team performing when we got there. The kites were their bitches, they made them perform with a precision more like that of a model airplane than pieces of plastic hanging in the air at the far end of two cords! At one point the five kites position themselves around the end of a public sculpture as if to form a propeller. As we were watching they also held a "teddy bear drop". A number of teddy bears were hoisted, one a time, up the cord of one of the big kites and then parachute dropped to waiting kids.

We didn't hang around a long time. There was no schedule posted or, it seemed, anyone easily findable who could give us an idea of what was going on. So we enjoyed watching the kites for a while as the sun shawn and a pleasant breeze blew in off of English Bay.

Below are some pictures of the goings on (you really need to see video to do the kite flying justice). Click on the photo to see a larger image.

The British Columbia Kitefliers Association website:

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