Seattle's Airport Link

Yesterday I traveled through Seattle on my way to Chicago. To save a few beans I caught a plane out of Seattle instead of Vancouver. Originally I had planned on taking the Vancouver/SEATAC shuttle bus, but it turned Marina and her beau were headed to Seattle for the Emerald City Comicon (ECCC) so I hitched a ride to downtown Seattle. I figured I'd catch one of the hotel airport shuttles when I found out about a Seattle's new Link Light Rail system out to SEATAC airport.

Seattle Link Train at Pioneer Statoin
Photo by Shayne Kaye

The underground stops are worth a look all by themselves. The very high ceilings, circular tunnel entrances, and low curbs give them a unique look. Surprising (to me) the trains and buses share the tunnel.

Looks aside, the convenience of taking light rail to the airport is wonderful. Even better, it was $2.50 on transit instead of $15 for the airport shuttle.

Pure bonus, I also had a chance to grab a coffee with Seth and the crew who were also taking in ECCC. I wish all my travel days had these kinds of perks!

Seattle SoDo Station
Photo by leff


Marina wrote 10 years 45 weeks ago

I discovered this rail system

I discovered this rail system when we went down last year for the Slash show and had to take it to get across town (we were staying downtown and the show was moved to the Showbox near the stadiums). It was pretty awesome. I too was surprised that the buses and light rail shared the tunnel - seemed odd. That said, it was quick and cheap. It was also the first place I saw an electronic fare card.

dale wrote 10 years 45 weeks ago

When transit works it can

When transit works it can work so well! I'm really happy Vee mentioned it Saturday morning. It runs more often then the shuttle bus and like Vancouver's Skytrain, some of the sections are quite scenic.

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