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Rated: 3/5

The Last Mimzy

The Last Mimzy is charming little picture about children finding a box of toys and saving the world. Unlike many studio products of this type (Disney, I'm looking at you) this is a smart script that doesn't rely on stupid adults and silly action-oriented plot devices to move the story forward (not that there's anything wrong with silly action . . . every once in a while). Though smart, the story lacked the kind of dramatic tension and sophistication that would make it a must see.

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Rated: 3/5

The Road

After an unnamed apocalypse and the death of his wife, a man realizes he must take his young son south to warmer weather if they hope to survive. The Road chronicles their journey, with it's trials and tribulations. The Road was an interesting watch; I often found myself asking what I would do in similar situations. Sadly, it did not capture me emotionally and truly bring me into the story.

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Rated: 3/5


Thirst is the story of a Korean priest who contracts a blood disease and becomes a vampire. Already struggling with temptation, his enhanced senses, accentuated carnal drives, and need for blood complicate his relationship with his faith. Thirst rambled quite a bit but told an interesting story and provided some humorous moments of the black variety.

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