Review: Prince of Persia

Based on the video game of the same name, a prince saves the world. It's a fun romp if you don't think too hard about the plot.

Rated: 3 / 5

The Prince of Persia: Sands of Time is a mindless but fun popcorn flick. The keystone of the video game is the acrobatic action sequences, which are reproduced in the movie. I enjoyed the change of pace from the now all familiar martial arts fights and gun battles. The script has just enough bones to allow the action to carry the movie without too many "what the hell" moments. It's actually a shame, the script came within sight of providing a decent story for the action. Performances are mixed, with some scenes truly enjoyable and others best not mentioned. Visuals in the movie are excellent.

Prince of Persia is forgettable fun. There's nothing must see here, but I found it a good option for some summer distraction.


Marina wrote 11 years 33 weeks ago


I agree - nothing particularly special about this one but I did enjoy myself and heck, I'll pick it up on DVD. Admittedly, my main attraction was Jake and he didn't disappoint.

dale wrote 11 years 32 weeks ago

Jake & Gemma

Over at Facebook, Cheryl agrees with you on the Jake front! When I saw those abs I didn't think the ladies would be disappointed on the eye candy front.

When I heard Gemma Arterton's voice in the voice over in the trailer I sort of melted, instant voice crush, but when I saw her on the screen I thought, wow, in 10 years she'll be really hot. :)

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