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Happy Birthday Peace Sign!

According to this On the Media peace piece, Sign Of The Times, the peace symbol is 50 years old today!

Peace Symbol

I had always thought the symbol was abstract, but apparently it's a stylization of the semaphore signals for N and D:

Semaphore N Semaphore D

The ND stood for nuclear disarmament and the symbol was adopted by a British anti-nuke group. The interview guest gives an interesting little history of the symbol and its move across the Atlantic.

So happy birthday to a 20th century icon!

Battlestar Galactica Starwars Birthday Pegasus Refresher

Tonight was the Battlestar Galactica Pegasus Refresher. Val (the Meetup Group organizer) is super creative and went all out on the treats. Val happens to have also be a Starwars fan and the proud owner of a light saber, which lights up and does the sounds effects. Get a group of fans together and the odds of it being left alone are infinitesimal. As it turns out we also celebrated Starwars fanboy Yves (aka Jedi Yves) birthday. Three guesses how he cut the cake:

Cutting the cake Jedi style

Oh, and we also watched the BSG Pegasus episodes in anticipation of the upcoming BSG movie: Razor. I'll let Val fill you in on that.

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