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Books, Bookcrossing, and Meetup

Lower Mainland Bookcrossing It's ironic that reading is a highly solitary activity because if you're like me you love talking about a book after you've finished it! There are few better conversations than comparing story notes with someone who loved a book as much as I did, and the opportunity doesn't come up as often as it should. Fortunately, Vancouver's Lower Mainland Bookcrossing Meetup Group is dedicated to exactly this activity with an added bonus: You can get new books to read and give away books you don't want to keep!

The Lower Mainland Bookcrossing Meetup Group is the fusion of two great ideas. The first is bookcrossing, which is "the practice of leaving a book in a public place to be picked up and read by others, who then do likewise"1. The second is a meeting of book lovers. Put them together and you have twice monthly meetings where people bring books they want to leave for others to enjoy, perhaps find one or two or five books to enjoy themselves, and have an evening of sometimes sedate, sometimes raucous conversation. Any books unclaimed at the end of the meeting are left for others to discover.

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VPL Spring 2010 Book Sale

Three times a year the Vancouver Public Library has a book sale to clear out books they no longer want: Last week was the spring 2010 sale and some of us bookcrossing types made the trek downtown in search of the elusive bar-goon.

VPL Book Sale

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BookCamp Vancouver Registration is Open!

Ok, I've already been in trouble for not posting about BookCamp Vancouver, I'm not going to compound the trouble by not passing along this announcement that registration is open!

Mark your calendars for October 16th:

BookCamp VancouverBookCamp Vancouver is a user-generated unconference that brings print publishers, educators, community builders and the tech community together – for free! BookCamp Vancouver is an opportunity to explore the present and future of books and book-like technologies. It’s open to anyone interested in the publishing industry and the potential dynamics of the reader/creator/publisher relationship.

Join us for a day of sharing new ideas, radical notions and engaging conversation! We’ll consider the future of the Book as an object; examine its ongoing role as a delivery mechanism for stories, information and entertainment; and examine how publishers can leverage themselves for success in the digital age.

Participants and self-selected guests will choose the agenda for the day, forming breakup groups to discuss and potentially create future book technologies, workflows, and grand schemes. Lend your passion and expertise to Bookcamp Vancouver by volunteering to facilitate a session.

Our plan is for this to be a day of talking and doing – of rolling up the proverbial shirt sleeves and tinkering with the publishing mechanism. We’re inviting authors, typographers, designers, printers, technologists, booksellers, literary agents, publishers and geeks of every stripe to come along and consider if and how technology can transform and perhaps improve on The Book.

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Have You Read These?

Book Shelf
Photo by ellipse
Whenever I see a book list, I can't help but compare. This time I'll make it a blog post!

This list comes via Marina's post, How Do You Stack Up?, which came from the post, Have You Read These...?. Apparently the BBC believes most people have only read 6 of these 100 books. I've done better than that, and nearly as good a Marina. And if we're talking old, dusty books, why couldn't the Iliad be on there? I've read that Homer guy, unlike Thomas bloody Hardy.

Here's the list, feel free to play along, yourself!

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I think a site like this one is a cool idea. It's a common place for authors to post and find author tours.

Book Tour Banner

Unfortunately, it has one flaw (for me, at least). Though I'd love to know when authors are hitting Vancouver I tired of creating freaking accounts. I caved for Meetup and I caved for Facebook, but knowing when an occasional author of interest is hitting town for an event I may or may not be able to attend isn't worth the pain-in-the-ass factor of hitting a website with an account I need to remember.

To the folks at If you want my eyeballs, copy this implementation: After you execute the search you get an RSS feed you can subscribe to. Brilliant. I'll understand if there's a discrete ad, but it better be discrete. And I'll understand if there isn't full info, though you'd better at least tell me the basics so I'll know if it's worth clicking to follow-up.

Super bonus marks for an iCal feed.

Dragony Goodness: The Temeraire Series

His Majesty's Dragon Cover Thrown of Jade Cover Cover Black Powder War
This Christmas a friend gave me the three books currently making up the Temeraire Series: His Majesty's Dragon, Throne of Jade, and Black Powder War. They're by Naomi Novik, a relatively new author and former computer game designer. I've written a brief review: In a nutshell, I really enjoyed them.

Turns out my friend and I aren't the only ones who enjoyed these books. Peter Jackson liked the series so much he's optioned them: Lord of fantasy: Jackson eyeing 'Temeraire'. I sure hope this movie gets made and spawns lots of sequels!

As I eagerly wait for the next book in the series, A Brazen Armament (That's the working title, in any event), the books have now begun circulation among my friends. I might even get them back. Someday.

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