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Wireless Internet Access Available Here

It's quite common to see a sign stating "Wireless Internet Access Available Here" at a coffee shop. Common enough that I'll look for a cafe when I need to kill time while "out and about", like when my car is being serviced. Sure, loaners are usually available if I book far enough ahead, but they don't like doing it for small services and these days I'm thinking about carbon footprint. So it was, laptop in hand and grimacing at the rain, I was about to head out in search of wireless and coffee when I saw my car repair shop had joined the wireless club! And they even have a cubicle desk to work at and complementary coffee that isn't crap.

So here I am sipping a coffee and making my first October blog post instead of wasting time in a loaner car driving home and back or wandering aimlessly down Hastings Street in the rain. I like it!

My Thanksgiving "Adventure"

Did you note the word adventure in quotes? Good.

I wasn't looking for an adventure, but one found me. On my way to a family Thanksgiving in Vernon my car developed a little problem ... I couldn't shift. Well, that's not exactly true. I could kind of, sort of shift if I didn't mind lots of grinding sounds and horrible thumps. And I did mind.

Ominous Cloud
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When it first happened just outside of Merritt I wasn't even sure there was a problem. There was a thump when I shifted, but I thought I'd hit a bump. As I turned off the Coquihalla Highway (Highway 5) onto the Kelowna Connector (Highway 97c), I knew the thump wasn't a bump.

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