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Eye Exam - Gotta Wear Shades

Temporary Sun GlassesToday was eye examination day. My chin had a lot of fun, it made friends with four different chin rests. My eyes weren't as impressed with all of its new machine friends; specifically, the one that shot compressed air.

Then there's the infamous eye dilation drops so the Doctor can get a good look at the back of your eyes. In spite of the discomfort the end result was cool, in a Discovery Channel kind of way. The pictures with the reddish circles looking sort of like sun spot activity took on a whole new meaning when the Doctor pointed out my macula, optic nerve, veins and arteries.

Even today's dull day was too bright for leaving without sun glasses. Not having a set, the office provided me with these stylish temporary shades!

Temporary Sun Glasses

The one piece design is quite clever, and these are definitely going into my costume prop box! Getting them was practically the coolest part of the day. No, second coolest. The coolest part was getting a clean bill of health!

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