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Easter 2008 Addendum

Tia in make upIn my Easter 2008 post I talked about my niece's dance competition. My sister posted some pictures from the competition. I've stolen a thumbnail of Tia glamed up for one of the numbers.

For the full set check out my sisters blog post: Spring Break . . . over too soon!.

My Thanksgiving "Adventure"

Did you note the word adventure in quotes? Good.

I wasn't looking for an adventure, but one found me. On my way to a family Thanksgiving in Vernon my car developed a little problem ... I couldn't shift. Well, that's not exactly true. I could kind of, sort of shift if I didn't mind lots of grinding sounds and horrible thumps. And I did mind.

Ominous Cloud
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When it first happened just outside of Merritt I wasn't even sure there was a problem. There was a thump when I shifted, but I thought I'd hit a bump. As I turned off the Coquihalla Highway (Highway 5) onto the Kelowna Connector (Highway 97c), I knew the thump wasn't a bump.

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