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Toy Traders

Toy Traders ExteriorYesterday my friends introduced me to a store that has my vote as THE best toy store in the greater Vancouver area. It come up in conversation at Sunday's Dublin Crossing brunch when I asked if there were any good toy stores in Langley (I had a birthday present to buy). "Didn't I know about Toy Traders" they asked, a little surprised? Well no, I didn't. That's fixed, now.

Toy Traders is located on the Langley Bypass across from Willowbrook Mall. I'd have never found it on my own. If by some remote chance I had seen the store front but only peeked through the door, I'd have walked away. As you enter the store your first sight is toys for kids under 10. It isn't until you walk past the first row of shelves and see a full sized R2D2 that you get an inkling of the figurine and action figure goodness that awaits you.

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Sunday Brunch at Dublin Crossing

Dublin Crossing PubYou'll undoubtedly agree it's a drag when good friends move away. Some good friends of mine moved out to east Surrey and while I was happy for them, they could finally get dogs, their new lifestyle required a change in visiting habits. Enter Dublin Crossing.

Dublin Crossing is an Irish themed pub near the Surrey/Langley border at 188th street and Fraser Highway. On Sundays they put on a nice little brunch special. While the brunch menu it isn't extensive it has good honest versions of the usual suspects for a price that won't break the bank. My bacon and eggs were only $5, the French toast and omelet were both under $10 (pictures further on). The coffee isn't bad, either. They open at 11am and don't get busy till after 12:30 (hopefully this blog post won't change that too much!). It's a nice place to start a lazy Sunday visiting with friends.

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View from a Bridge: Golden Ears Bridge Opening

Today a couple of friends and I checked out the Golden Ears Bridge event. Given most of the bridges in Vancouver have interesting views I wanted to check out the lower mainland's latest infrastructure addition. And the thought of being able to do it without cars zooming by had an appeal.

Golden Ears Bridge Span

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