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District 9 is a Prize!

Generally speaking I'm not the luckiest guy in the world, but I have my moments. Last Thursday was one of them! Esteemed Vancouver blogger Miss604 in conjunction with the Vancouver Film School (VFS) ran a contest: Oscar-Nominated District 9 Prize Pack and yes, yours truly won!

Winning contests is cool all by itself. Winning a District 9 contest is icing on the cake. Along with Moon and Avatar, District 9 is one my picks for best science fiction movie of 2009. It takes skill to make ugly aliens sympathetic, and VFS alums Neill Blomkamp (director/writer) and Terri Tatchell (writer) proved they have it.

District 9 Prize Pack

What did I win? A small poster, a VFS InFocus newsletter featuring District 9, and the DVD; every single one of them autographed by Blomkamp and Tatchell!

Thank you Miss604 for the contest, thank you VFS for the prizes, thank you fate for picking me, and thank you Neill Blomkamp and Terri Tachell for such a great movie!

Best of Miss 604: And the winner is ...

Rebecca Bollwitt presides over Best of 604
Rebecca Bollwitt MC's Best of 604 Awards
Photo by penmachine

The entire After the Credits crew (yes, all three of us!) were out in force at the Best of 604 awards last night.

Congratulations to all the winners! It's clear from the turnout Vancouver has a vibrant and engaged blogging community. The venue was totally jammed. The demographics were interesting, too. Unlike so many areas involving technology, women were well represented. The average age was probably mid to late 20's, but you could spot people higher up the age range. Regardless, if you're looking to add interesting blogs to you reading list, just browse the nominee list for candidates.

I took the opportunity to collect streeters for our upcoming Christmas podcast. People were really gracious allowing their party/social time to be interrupted by an idiot with a microphone asking what their favourite Christmas movie was. My thanks to all my victims, you know who you are (and after the Christmas podcast the world will, as well)!

Who won the podcasting category, you ask? [Insert drum roll] The winner was Lip Gloss and Laptops. After the Credits was a long shot, so no surprise is wasn't us. I don't know Kerry Ann but I've spoken with Airdrie a couple times. She's good people and the win is well deserved. And I can't not mention runner up, Choogle On With Uncle Weed. Dave, a.k.a. Uncle Weed, is a consummate story teller and he does it well.

And a shout-out to Rebecca (Miss 604) for all her hard work and a job well done. Thanks to her, $1800 was raised for the food bank and our little corner of the world had a top-up of cheer and goodwill.

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Thank you to everyone who voted for us. It was a blast being a contender!

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