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As most of you know I have two website, the "techie" site at and this one for my non-techie/personal stuff. Some things are hard to categorize, and one of them is Northern Voice. I'm working on a Northern Voice post appropriate for Digital Doodles, but life is getting in the way. So in the meantime, I'll point out the posting I made at Group 42: Northern Voice Wrap Up. It's not technical, I promise!

The poster is by local artist basco5. The last couple of years he's been a great friend to Northern Voice, providing us visual style!

He Blogged, She Blogged

Laurie tells her side of our Northern Voice Story in a recent blog post. She has a better gift of narrative than I do:

The small world of blogging... at Northern Voice (this is for Sylvia)

My Northern Voice Story

I convinced my friend Marina she should come to Northern Voice, and she did. Walking from the UBC bus loop to the conference location she struck up a conversation with Laurie, who was attending the conference from out-of-town. Because of Marina meeting Laurie we all went to lunch together where Laurie mentioned she was from Whitehorse. I asked if she knew a friend of mine in Whitehorse. Laurie smiled a smile. My friend was also her friend and colleague, and had told her about the travel bursary that had gotten her to Northern Voice. I was the one who had forwarded our mutual friend the bursary information.

We're all connected!

Northern Voice Connections
Laurie, Dale and Marina at Northern Voice

Northern Voice

Do you blog? Have you thought about blogging? Have you wondered what podcasting is all about or been interested in trying it?

If you've answered yes to any of the these questions check out Northern Voice.

Northern Voice is a one-day, non-profit community blogging conference being held at the UBC downtown campus on February 19, 2005. The awesome news, it only cost $20 to attend!!! This is a full day event with a first class lineup of speakers and it costs less than seeing two movies. If you're the least bit interested, this is a no-brainer.


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