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Some Puzzles are Good

Crossword and coffeeWhat is it about the human brain that likes solving puzzles for fun? Those little or not so little mysteries we can't leave alone. And the diversity! From computer games to jigsaw puzzles to sudoku to detective stories, there's a puzzle for everyone. Although computer games have long been my puzzle of choice there's a classic brain teaser challenging my grey matter: the crossword puzzle.

I wasn't keen on crossword puzzles as a kid, they were too much work to be fun. Rooting around dictionaries, thesauruses, and encyclopedias for answers wasn't my idea of a great time. In fact, it seemed more like a form of playtime terrorism. Crosswords remained on my “no fly” list until a few months ago. A certain friend of mine has a habit of pulling out a crossword and making it a community event. Damned if I didn't enjoyed it, and double-damned if I didn't enjoy enough to go solo.

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