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Digital Doodles - Now Powered by Drupal 6

Construction worker with jackhammerDigital Doodles, formally running Drupal 5, is now powered by Drupally 6 goodness. It must be goodness, because 6 is more than 5! Um, yah. Doing software upgrades is one of the more tedious tasks associated with running a content management system, particularly when there's no obvious improvement as reward for your troubles. The work would only warrant a footnote, except . . .

Since there were a lot of "under the hood" changes between Drupal 5 and Drupal 6 and I had to tinker anyways, I went on to make some site changes I've been wanting to do. Nothing earth shattering, but improvements, I think.

For the somewhat curious, here's what I've been up to:

  • Layout has changed. Content on the the left and all sidebars on the right. I'm trying out a fixed width layout. Haven't decided if I like it better.
  • Navigation links have moved into the header and are a bit prettier.
  • Site breadcrumbs were borked and I think they may have hurt more than helped. They're rock solid, now.
  • Doodle Pad blog archive page was functional, but not especially usable. There's a whole new blog archive system, now. Although I built exactly what I envisioned, it's not the usability improvement I'd hoped for. More work required there later, right now I'll settle for improved.
  • About page was re-added.

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Drupal 5

This site is powered by software named Drupal, and yesterday Drupal 5.0 was released: Drupal 5.0 released. And on Drupal's 6th birthday, no less. This is cause for excitement in some the technical circles I run in. Not so much here. Still, today I updated Digital Doodles to Drupal 5.0. It was incredibly smooth and I'm quite pleased. Worth a mention.

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