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Walking on the Veg Side

Young meWhen I was a kid and first heard about vegetarians it didn't make sense. I couldn't imagine life without meat. It's one of those ironies of life that I'm now moving towards a vegetarian diet.

In my pre-adult world vegetables were a distraction from the main event. The only vegetables I remember liking were picked straight from the garden and eaten raw. In most cases vegetables were an unpleasantness to be avoided, and some - especially cream corn - were an ultimate evil (I couldn't eat cream corn without gagging a little). The real flavour was in meat and carbs, why bother with vegetables? I couldn't wait to grow up and escape the craziness.

The first inkling I had that veggies might actually be desirable was in the dorm while attending BCIT. Some of my dorm-mates were cooking vegetables when they didn't have to! One guy was cooking asparagus for gods sake, and no one had a gun to his head. Asparagus! Oh sure, he doused it in cheese sauce, but he said he liked asparagus. I thought he might be lying and the asparagus just an excuse for cheesy goodness, but the cheese sauce didn't look that appetizing, either. In the back of my mind I wondered if I'd missed something.

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