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Sony Angel of Death

Angel of DeathZoë Bell first hit my radar in Tarantino's Grindhouse contribution, Death Proof. She's a stunt woman with acting chops. When Wil Wheaton posted about a new web series staring Ms. Bell, I had to check to check it out!

Andrew James at Row Three outlines Zoë Bell's coolness better than I could in his post: Zoë Bell in “Angel of Death”. And Wheaton's post, new webseries from ed brubaker debuts today. you don't want to miss this, gives a quick overview of the series and its creator.

More significant than the series itself, we have more evidence of the big Hollywood players are not just giving lip service to this web thing. Independent web series like The Guild lead the way proving original web content works. With Angel of Death we see one of the bigs following.

While Angel of Death is viewable, most of the other content at Sony's comes up unavailable, probably because I'm in Canada. Overall, I'd say Sony has moved from an "F" to a "D", with kudos for funding this particular piece of original web content!

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